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What once was known, now is lost... [entries|friends|calendar]

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Notice: [25 Jun 2005|09:29pm]
This is the last entry in this journal. I have now moved on to DeadlyCupcakes. Add me so i can add you lol.

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Hiatus Over [24 Jun 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | Eh.....whatever. ]

This journal is now off of Hiatus. Please stay tuned for further updates and thank-you for your patience.

(Made Me Bleed)

[24 Apr 2005|12:59pm]
This Livejournal is being put on hiatus until further notice. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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(Made Me Bleed)

Just for Jonny [21 Apr 2005|02:59pm]
How to make a Ashley Muniz

3 parts anger

3 parts crazyiness

3 parts joy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little lustfulness if desired!

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The Latest MCS Craze [09 Apr 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | Giddy about my plan ]

This week in MCS, the 'wise' administration has been raiding journals in hopes to find incrininating evidence of heresy and treason. When this situation is analyzed correctly, MCS is really comitting treason because the first Ammendment to the Constitution gives us the freedom of speech. Also, an anonymous party has been suspended because of his opinion about the school, when really if one were to ask most students at MCS most would probably say something along the lines of what the anonymous party has said or possibly something worse. What a wise administration we have that has comitted treason. I just loathe Miami Christian. Dont you?

(If the administration is reading this, this was meant to be found and expect a full retaliation along with the support of news stations which have already been called and are interested in this story if these ridiculous ensue)

Because of this stupidity on the administrations behalf i have made this journal friends only. If someo of you find that yo no longer have access to my journal. Pleae comment and i'll see what i can do.

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